Monday, June 11, 2007

No more FOX in the mornings

I am no longer going to wake up on the weekends to watch FOX and Friends on weekend mornings. This weekend on Bulls and Bears there were two blondes, one arguing and spouting off one-sided political vomit about another worthless blonde that deserves zero publicity. Ann Coulter discussing Paris Hilton. Good lord. One annoying stick figure she-male talking about a talentless socialite stick-figure.

That's it. No more.

I almost tuned out when they took Juliet Huddy off but then there was Kiran Chetry to look at but now Kiran is with CNN replaced by Gretchen Carlson and now Page Hopkins. I like Page but she's no Juliet or Kiran.

Ann Coulter discussing Paris Hilton was the last straw, though. Two days later and my stomach is still sore and unable to accept anything stronger than pudding or yogurt. (And I do realize that discussing this is actually "publicity" for both but if some lowly blog like this one is "publicity" then that actually makes me feel a little better about the rest of the world that thinks both need to be forever hidden from the public eye in a jail or sealed in lucite or carbonite or something).

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