Thursday, July 19, 2007

On through the Blog-o-sphere

Occasionally, usually at work when my brain has numbed to the point of being able to be attached to a pole and used to mop floors, I'll use the Next Blog button at the top and just go through the Blog-o-sphere. Here is what I found:
  • 1 epileptic seizure inducing
  • 4 done by 18-21 year old that write like 8 year olds
  • 1 well done, with good content
  • 3 Orientals with nothing better to do than spend money and post pictures of what they ate that day
  • 2 foreign language, living in America complaining about America
  • 1 learning English, living in America, and complaining about America
  • 9 foreign language, outside of America
  • 1 horribly hip, teenage / college student with six zillion picture phone images
  • 1 test / single nothing post
  • 2 myspace wannabe, break stylesheet, l337 individual
  • 1 foreign student in America
  • 1 cool, but with a hundred embedded youtube objects
  • 1 ugly with a hundred embedded youtube objects and link buttons
  • 1 spam
  • 1 American documenting her travels abroad
  • 1 comic book related
  • 1 real estate broker
The good news is the spam blogs are disappearing and almost gone. Also, the myspace wannabe and seizure inducing blogs are down as well. Hopefully they all went to myspace where it's okay to have six jillion youtube objects, pictures, horrifying templates and all sorts of cool but worthless crap. There are a lot of foreign blogs now, which I can't read. The blogs written in English are written at a kindergarden level. Oh well, I can't complain though. I'm certainly not perfect. I do think the blogging craze is starting to die down a little; maybe youtube and similar directions are now the cool thing and blogging is just, ick, words.

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