Thursday, July 19, 2007

Overpriced on eBay

Sometimes I just don't understand buyers on eBay; sellers, too.

I've been watching a specific Dell LCD for a little while now. It retails from Dell at around $320 brand spanking new shipping and tax included. Someone just bought a used one, no warranty, no return instructions from the seller for $321 after shipping on eBay; and they probably would have spent more. The other four almost identical options are shaping up to be similar bidding slap-fests that will end near or over the purchase price for a brand new item with warranty and vendor support.

One seller was selling SATA 150 drives as SATA II drives. When I asked a question about the model number not being the same as a spec from the auction it went unanswered. This seller usually opens up a lot of six to eight of these with very short open times, around a day or less.

I like Shuttle computers, the mini-xPC a.k.a. shoebox computers. A lot of them are being sold as "normally sell for $300 or more"; which is not the case. Not really true for these, though, more like $240 tops and for older technology. You can buy a newer model with current socket / chipset for around $190 plus the memory and processors are actually priced the same or cheaper for more capacity.

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