Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hello I'm Hillarobamy Clibama

"Hello, I'm Hillary Clinton"

"Hello, I'm Barack Obama"

Anybody else getting sick and damned tired of coming home and having to clear off at least one voice mail message every damned day? Anyone else frustrated at getting awakened during your lazy Sunday nap by the auto-dialers setup up by supporters of the Presidential hopefuls? I just did a Google search and evidently I'm not the only person sick of this crap.

Now that Texas and Ohio are suddenly important to Hillary and Obama, my home phone is getting at least one call a day. My girlfriend's dad was getting even more calls. Apparently, other places like New Hampshire have had the same problem. Most of the New Hampshire newspapers have printed letters from unhappy voters (and non-voters), many of whom simply said "I'm voting for this candidate" just to get the callers off their backs.

Guess what, dumb-asses. I can't stand any of the four remaining candidates for President. Clinton is all talk. Obama is another talker, just more aligned to future ideals that will be squashed by the remaining two branches. Huckabee is nut. McCain has some decent aspects but about as much charisma as tree bark; and "true conservatives" don't care for him anyways.

How did we end up with these four?

I'd consider libertarian again but the current crop of candidates for President and other offices makes me cringe. Again, is that the best you could find; what looks like a used car salesman, a Seinfeld extra, a crypt keeper, and a roller derby cross-dresser.

Anybody else out there just begging for consensus? Do you want to see something besides the conservative and liberal war parties fighting for this all-or-nothing cause when a democracy should build upon the commonalities between the people and place power of the government where it logically belongs? Anybody else believe that there is a place for big government, local government, and no-government?