Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jackets... Playoffs...

To quote myself from Bigsoccer:

After that first period and those two strange goals it is clear this just is not meant to be...

I don't even hear Bill Murray from Caddyshack saying "Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. It looks like a mirac... It's in the goal! It's in the goal! It's in the goal!"

All I have in my head now is that "Bag of Weed" song from Family Guy this Sunday.

The very first playoff game in Nationwide Arena history was over in one minute. With enough electricity in the building to power the cities of Columbus and Detroit what was the worst thing that could happen? A Detroit goal about one minute into the game? How about another Detroit goal at the end of the first period? I am certain the City of Columbus street cleaners are probably happy. The vacuum created by all the air being let out of the arena was probably powerful enough to suck the dirt and trash off streets in a four block radius around Nationwide.

The lowest point of the evening had to be the attempted retaliation for the brutal hit by Stuart on R.J. Umberger. Commodore flops into the Detroit bench after trying to make a hit then proceeds to push a Redwing over and watch Cleary (a Redwing) handling the puck behind the goal. The Jacket player guarding the net leaves to play the puck and Cleary leaving Zetterberg wide open for the third goal as Rick Nash and Mike Commodore literally stand there and watch mere feet away from play. It would have been a sin if there was no retaliation for knocking R.J. into a game five (which is looking like it will never be played) but what the players on the ice did was even worse. They looked like staggered drunks trying to retaliate and let one more goal in while doing so.

Game four better feature one or more of the following:

  • a hard, legal hit that leaves a first or second line player on the Detroit side flat on the ice (extra points for the leg twitch)
  • a goal by Rick Nash, heck I would settle for a crushing blow by Nash on someone at this point
  • a good, legal check on a Redwing by at least six of the following players: Russell, Peca, Huselius, Chimera, Williams, Modin, Vermette, Nash, Voracek
The team needs to exceed the physicality shown toward it, not match it.

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