Thursday, February 25, 2010

More virus crap

It had been a while since I went on a tour through the blogosphere using the next blog link at the top of the page. After stumbling through a lot of foreign crap in languages I did not understand I come to a blog that starts the hard drive going nuts. Oh F.

When the hard drive goes nuts you usually have a virus or something nasty trying to do something to your computer. AVG caught and probably stopped and cleaned the malicious crap. I was going to post some Oracle MERGE code but now I have to wait until a full system scan completes and bitch about things from my netbook.

So here I am watching Olympic curling (Canada versus Switzerland, ladies) and typing this on my netbook with cats jockeying for space on my lap and on the couch around me. I keep getting the same thought in my head: why the hell am I still blogging? Seriously. Why do I share code and my life with the world? Most of my friends have moved on to do their belly-aching in status updates and micro-blogging. Any therapeutic value from blogging can easily be replaced by a good beer or six (Sam Adams Winter Ale, I have a stockpile of it). 

For the untrusted Internet I need to look into programs like Sandboxie or running web browsers inside virtual machines. When I purchase a new computer I will likely be running Linux which still has equal levels of threat, but it seems like fewer viruses are written to exploit Linux and it seems safer.

As I watch the women's Olympic ice hockey gold medal game I wonder if this will be my last blogger rant. Maybe I will start using Google Buzz and join others with one-line status updates like "my computer might be frakked" or "I really hate Microsoft again".

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