Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oracle and SSIS; SQL tasks and procedures

I am posting today to hopefully prevent others from the hell I have been through. I really have no idea why I continue to do this as my psyche at this point is so eroded that I should be deriving pleasure from the suffering of others like some serial killer in the making.

Getting Oracle and Microsoft to play nice is like trying to get Sean Hannity and Nancy Pelosi to share a quiet evening together making babies while discussing health care and what to spend their money on. If that reference is dated then consider the choice of wiping with toilet paper or the large grain sandpaper and then using the sandpaper; or perhaps shoving a sea urchin up your nose then pulling it out the other nostril.

Here is what I am suffering with:

  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
  • SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
  • Native OLE DB\Oracle Provider for OLE DB, Oracle 11g R1 or Oracle 10g
  • Execute SQL Task trying to execute a PROCEDURE or PACKAGE.PROCEDURE that has input or output parameters

Connection Manager

The only non-default property is RetainSameConnection set to True (connections to Oracle are expensive). Personally, I see no need for resource pooling but that is another post.

Execute SQL Task


{call your_stupid_package.dumb_ass_procedure(?,?)}
BEGIN your_stupid_package.dumb_ass_procedure(?,?); END;
False (usually greyed out, but can be set via Properties, but has no bearing on anything)

Parameter Mapping; Add each parameter:

Variable Name
whatever User::variable you have defined already
Input or Output
Data Type
VARCHAR (I have not been able to get anything else to work yet)
Parameter Name
the left to right sequence number of the parameter starting at zero (so, if you only have one the parameter name is 0)
Parameter Size
the size of the variable


I would cite references but that vast majority of searches dead-end with single posts in forums where some poor slob went begging for help and found none; or sometimes found a reply from another kindred spirit also suffering through the same agony. Those who did have solutions were not passing parameters or were using an Expression to build the query string with parameters (doing their own SQL injection; which also does not help those using output parameters).

The above works, with a couple warnings, but works.

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Anonymous said...

Glad I found this post! Using all VARCHARs did the trick for me.