Friday, January 21, 2011

VMWare teams, part one

I'm fartin' around with Teams in VMWare Workstation and publishing steps I have used.


What you will need:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • VMWare Workstation
  • hardware with at least 4 GB of memory and 200 GB of disk
  • patience
  • some beer or alcohol of choice helps too


  1. Create a Team
  2. New Team; named SewerSystem
  3. Don't add VMs yet
  4. Add one LAN segment
  5. Finish

VM1 - Domain Controller


  1. Add new VM; Typical for Windows 2008 Server Core (easy install) SepticTank located in the SewerSystem directory
  2. Modify VM configuration to have a single NIC on the LAN segment
  3. Let easy install do the OS and VMware tools, create a user called sadmin
  4. Log in as sadmin after installation completes and reboots a couple times; there should be a command window:
  5. netdom renamecomputer %USERDOMAIN% /NewName:DC1
  6. netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" static 1
  7. net user Administrator Passw0rd1234
  8. shutdown /r /f /t 0 /d p:2:3 /c "STFU"
  9. start /w ocsetup DNS-Server-Core-Role
  10. dcpromo /unattend /AutoConfigDNS=Yes /DomainNetBiosName=grouchnet / /ReplicaOrNewDomain=Domain /NewDomain=Forest /ForestLevel=3 /DomainLevel=3 /SafeModeAdminPassword="Passw0rd1234"
  11. net user a-grouchy "Passw0rd1234" /add /fullname:"A Grouch" /domain
  12. net group "Domain Admins" "a-grouchy" /add /domain
  13. net user e-grouchy "Passw0rd1234" /add /fullname:"A Grouch" /domain
  14. net group "Enterprise Admins" "e-grouchy" /add /domain

Step descriptions:

  1. duh
  2. duh
  3. duh, the easy install can't log in as Administrator so create one
  4. duh, I had to log in once or twice and reboot
  5. rename computer
  6. set NIC to static IP
  7. set Administrator password (was blank)
  8. reboot
  9. configure DNS
  10. configure domain controller (reboots)
  11. add a domain admin user
  12. add to the domain admin group
  13. add an enterprise admin user
  14. add to the enterprise admin group


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